If you're an architect specifying metal roof/wall systems or are a contractor who bids on and installs metal panel systems, you'll know that there are many options for standing seam panel profiles.

But how do you know which profile best fits your project requirements?

Introducing the "Panel Profile Quick Reference Guide," a one-page document that lays out all of Sheffield Metals' profile options and shows exactly what engineering, warranties, ratings, etc., each panel carries. 

For example, you'll be able to easily determine if a profile has:

  •  Testing for wind uplifts, water submersion, air infiltration, impact, etc.
  •  Cutsheets, guide specifications, installation details, UL 90, FBC, TDI Approval, etc.
  •  Warranties...and more!

Keep this guide hung up in your office, save it on your computer or tablet, or keep a copy of it on your phone to reference when you need it. Download the free "Panel Profile Quick Reference Guide" today!